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Family owned and operated, we offer professional quality auto detailing and protection services to our customers. Our drive to stay current and educated about our industry enables us to keep our customers informed - the result: THE BEST AUTO DETAIL SHOP IN KANSAS CITY AREA.

The Mirror finish begins with a thorough hand wash (or pre-wash) of the vehicle to remove bird droppings, dirt, tar and road contaminants so that the surface of the vehicle is as clean as possible before certified technicians begin the Mirror process. Step one in the process cleans out the paint's microscopic pores of embedded dirt, grime and residue wax. This cleaning procedure is achieved with the use of select chemicals, wool bonnets and special buffing techniques to the exterior painted surfaces.

The second step in the Mirror process, again using specialized buffing bonnets and techniques, heats the paint causing the surface layer to reflow and seal itself, producing the unique finish that leaves no residue or coating to wear off. A second hand wash (or post-wash) is done to the vehicle to remove chemical spin-off from the tires, wheel wells, crevices, windshields, vinyl top and door jams. Next, exterior detailing which includes shampooing of the floor mats, vacuuming the carpets, cleaning the glass inside and out, emptying the ashtrays, polishing the chrome and using a silicone protective dressing on the tires and bumpers to maintain their shiny appearance is completed.

Step three, final inspection of the vehicle, ensures that all phases of the Mirror process have been correctly completed by the certified technicians and that the vehicle is ready for delivery to its owner, with a shine that will last - GUARANTEED.

The Ming Mirror Finish (Paint Sealant) is applied to the exterior paint finish and provides proven protection against fading and oxidizing.

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Family owned and operated, we offer professional quality auto detailing and protection services to our customers. Certified shop technicans combine new paint technology, information and methods with old fashioned elbow grease to guarantee that each vehicle processed receives the "hands on" attention that is necessary to produce our services and products that are unique in the auto detailing industry.