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Auto Interior Detailing Service

An interior cleaning requires more than soap and water - it requires trained personnel and expert knowledge of today's automotive fabrics, leather, carpet and interior components. Prior to any cleaning it is necessary to identify fabric composition, its age, severity of stains and the overall condition of the interior. This information allows the technician to choose the best method, or methods, that will clean the interior correctly.

The actual cleaning process begins with the technician removing the floormats, blowing out the cracks, crevices and seams, vacuuming the carpets and seats for dirt and dust and spot cleaning heavier stains. This prepping stage is very important to achieving a clean interior and should not be overlooked. The second cleaning stage involves shampooing and hand scrubbing the carpets, seatbelts, etc. to agitate and bring to the surface the dirt and grime. Using a combination soil/wet extraction system the interior is sprayed with a heated biodegradable shampoo that allows the interior to be scrubbed, agitated, flushed and cleaned. A dual-stage vacuum lifts out water residue to assure that the interior is as dry as possible and the carpets and seats are revacuumed to make sure that all dirt and dust has been removed. Carpet floormats are then power washed and cleaned using the same soil/wet extraction system.

"Dressing" and deodorizing is the final stage of an interior cleaning. Using a special silicone-based product the vinyl, leather and plastic components are wiped down to give a new car look and shine to the interior. After deodorizing a final vacuuming of the carpets and seats completes the interior cleaning process.

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