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Overspray Removal

The most familiar type of overspray is paint overspray which occurs when paint becomes airborne and adheres as a fine mist over the exterior of a vehicle, including the windows, chome, tires and bumpers. Other forms of overspray can include tar, graffiti, mortar and concrete. To correctly remove any of these contaminants from the paint surface it is necessary to have experience and knowledge of todays' automotive basecoat-clearcoat finishs.

There are several methods available for overspray removal that range from using clay bars, solvents, wet sanding, compounding and buffing. Prior to any overspray removal, however, it is suggested that a test spot be done to correctly determine which method is most appropriate. Factors that should be considered when choosing an overspray method is the type of overspray to be removed, severity of the overspray, condition and age of the paint surface and finally, the type of paint finish.

Once the method has been chosen the actual overspray removal will be done by hand. Even though removing the overspray manualy is more time consuming it allows the technican to control the application of the product and results in a more through removal of the contaminants. After removal of the overspray is completed the vehicle will be hand washed to remove any product residue from the body of the vehicle, trim and moldings. The next step to restoring the paint finish to its original gloss and shine is to do the exclusive MIRROR FINISH, which offers a three year warranty and eliminates the need to wax , on new vehicles. After a second hand wash the vehicle will be detailed on the outside, including the polishing of the glass and chrome, rubber dressing the tires and moldings and vacuuming the carpet. The vehicle is now ready for the customer's inspection.

Most overspray vehicles require one full day for processing with larger vehicles or RV's requiring additional time. For additional information, estimates or questions, please contact us today.

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