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Auto Paint Touchup, Kansas City

Touch-up is an ideal alternative to expensive body shop paint work for miscellaneous nicks and dings that a vehicle acquires over time. Before any touch-up is done the technician will check the color code for the correct paint color. Since some paints fade, over time, a color test is done, especially on older vehicles, to determine if the color matches and if necessary, make adjustments to achieve as close a color match as possible. Working with a clean vehicle the technician first preps the nicks and chips and then applies the specially mixed paint. In addition, a skilled technician will be able to touch-up rubber moldings and bumpers.

There are several advantages to an automotive touch-up; the vehicle is not out of service for more than a few hours, the cost is minimal, it improves the overall appearance of the vehicle and helps the resale value of the vehicle. For additional information, or estimate, contact a MING sales representative.

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