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The primary purpose of undercoating is to protect the undercarriage of a vehicle from corrosive elements. There are several kinds of undercoating compounds available for use in the automotive industry such as a water based, paraffin based, petroleum based, rubber based or asphalt based material. An asphalt based compound, however, provides superior coverage and protection and is made with special fibers and fillers that not only make it more abrasion resistant than other undercoating materials, but also provides excellent insulating qualities, road noise reduction and durability.

Utilizing a center-pole hydraulic lift a vehicle is raised to expose the undercarriage and fender wells so that these underbody areas can be power washed with a high temperature, soapy water to remove all dirt, mud, oil and inferior undercoating residue. A clean, dry surface is necessary to achieve a through bonding of the asphalt compound to the undercarriage. Applied with a high pressure, airless pump the asphalt undercoating material is then sprayed to all areas of the undercarriage and fender wells, except for driving components such as the drive shaft, transmission, exhaust, motor, etc.

There are several advantages to undercoating a vehicle. First, the asphalt material that is used exceeds Federal Specification TT-C-520b for 1,000 hours salt spray, and acts as an excellent rust inhibitor for the undercarriage components. Second, the density of the compound not only reduces the amount of road noise that seeps up from the bottom, but also acts as an insulator to help maintain the interior climate of the vehicle. Third, undercoating is an excellent option for those that do not need custom rustproofing but want some rust protection for the vehicle's undercarriage. Finally, the outstanding durability of the asphalt based undercoating offers long lasting abrasion resistance to gravel and rock.

Undercoating is an investment in your vehicle and can be customized to meet specific needs whether it is for personal , commercial or recreational usage (such as RV's, trailers, etc.).

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